Dish: Ref: Description:
Ras Malai des1 Classic Indian cold dessert comprising of fluffy light sponge cakes in creamy milk syrup & dressed with crushed pistachios.
Gajar Ka Halwa des2 Traditional Indian carrot sweet dish topped with crushed pistachios & almonds. Served warm with a scoop of premium vanilla Kulfi.
Gulab Jaman des3 Indian syrupy doughnut served warm with a scoop of premium vanilla Kulfi.
Ras Gula des4 Sweet white paneer balls served with a flavoured cold syrup.
Moongi Ka Halwa des5 A rich sweet dish made from milk and caremalised lentils .
Jalebi des6 Juicy syrupy ‘Pretzel’ shaped sweet made from flour & milk. Usually served warm.
Zarda des7 Traditional sweet rice dish flavoured with saffron and dry fruits.
Coconut Kheer des8 Coconut rice pudding dish made with basmati rice, whole milk, sugar, cardamom, coconut flakes, raisins, sliced almonds. Can be served hot or cold!
Faluda des9 Cold sweet ‘milk shake’ like beverage comprising of ravri (creamy milk) mixed with vermicelli, rose syrup & crushed ice.
Vanilla Kulfi des10 Luxury Indian vanilla ice cream


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