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Dish: Ref: Description
Vegetable Samosa bkt1 Filo pastry triangles stuffed with potato & vegetables.
Mixed Vegetable Pakora bkt2 DescriptionTraditional Punjabi recipe of potato, spinach, onions and spices, mixed together & deep fried in a gram flour batter.
Paneer Pakora bkt3 Indian cottage cheese stuffed with a tasty mint & coconut filling then lightly battered and deep fired until golden.
Gobi Pakora bkt4 Fresh cauliflower florets coated in a lightly seasoned crisp golden batter.
Paneer Spring Roll bkt5 Filo pastry rolls filled with paneer, sweetcorn & peas.
Vegetable Spring Roll bkt6
Imli Chutney bkt7
Paratha bkt8
Aloo Purji bkt9 Lightly spiced potato mash


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