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Dish: Ref: Description:
Tandoori Naan brd1 Classic Indian unleavened Tandoori bread cooked in a clay oven and brushed with butter.
Tandoori Roti brd2 Whole wheat flour bread cooked traditionally in a clay oven.
Chapatti brd3 Traditional thin light whole wheat bread cooked on a Thawa (griddle).
Missi Roti brd4 Indian flat breadmade from gram and whole wheat flour well seasoned and infused with cumin seeds.
Puri brd6 Puffed deep fried unleavened bread.
Bhatura brd7 Soft puffed deep fried leavened bread.
Lacha Paratha brd8 Crispy plain paratha with several layers. Perfect accompaniment for any thick-gravied dish.
Paratha brd9
Makki Di Roti brd10