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Article February 8th, 2018 Mahirs Experience

Our clients ask for food tastings, a try before you buy kinda thing, to ensure our delicious food is perfect for their taste buds.

The food tastings are at a small cost, this is questioned from time to time, as you would expect.  When we explain how a large percentage of this goes to our charity of the year, no more questions are asked.   So far we have raised a total of £9,771.88 over the last 4 years.  Working with and supporting Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer, Breaking the Silence, Autism West Midlands, Welcome Change and for 2018, Walsall Psychological Help.  The charities we pick are extremely close to us, and what we all know and have experienced in some way shape or form.

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The families pull up in their two’s, four’s and sixes onto an industrial estate, thinking where on earth are we? Are we in the right place?  ‘It’s not quite the restaurant we were expecting’ is what we have heard on many occasions.  They walk in to a pleasant reception area, showing awards we have won over the years.  A staff member welcomes them in, on entrance to the show room, not knowing what to expect, they are always blown away.  The ambience, the décor, the eye catching videos are just a glimpse of what to expect.

Once they have had the opportunity to have a look around, they are seated, and now the exciting part begins.

I introduce myself and get to know the family a little, an integral part to the planning of any big day, after all, I am going to be working with them over the next 6-9 months (in most cases).   A menu is given to them, a list of two pages, they look thinking how on earth are we going to get through all of this is in one sitting.  I always re-assure them, they will be just fine and to take their time.

Our menu is based on their requirements, and varies family to family, with the wide variety of cuisine we are able to provide, Punjabi, Gujarati, Indo-Fusion, South Indian, to name but a few.

Drinks are offered to the table, on a cold winters day, a masala chai is the favourite, if not, an earthy glass of red wine at 11.00 a.m. works just as well.   The first course is served, the Papri Chaat Martini.  Semolina crisps served with a flavoursome potato & chick peas infused yoghurt topped off with homemade sweet tamarind chutney, mint sauce, sev and of course some good old pomegranate.  The classic chaat has been on the menu for menu years, but is always a winner, not only does it taste amazing, but it looks just as enticing.  Definitely inviting for a drinks reception or even a table appetiser, a different take on the traditional amouse bouche.  Long are the days gone where we had crisps and peanuts on the tables.  Personally I think it has a little vintage touch to it, and would perhaps suggest nachos and all they’re delightful toppings instead.

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The tasting continues with another appetiser, canapés, starters, intermezzo, mains and desserts followed by coffee.  The waiters bring each course once the other is finished, explaining what each dish is.  I sit with them after the first course to gather their thoughts, preferences and alternative options.   The number of dishes we actually provide is vast, so we pick out the most popular ones. By the end of starters, a couple of them start to struggle, but don’t want to stop as its so scrumptious!!

‘You cant just eat good food, you have to talk about it too’

With several different serving options, our guests are always left stunned and excited about how we can make their day stand out amongst the others and one their loved ones will keep in their memoires.

The 7 courses keep the guests going for 3 hours, sometimes longer.  It’s a great opportunity to make menu choices and any changes they would like with spice levels, sauciness etc.  The importance of the type of products we use, i.e. we only ever use cod.  Talking through the itinerary is always a big one, on many occasions they wont have gone through the timings, with our expertise we guide them through options.  What we have seen before, what works well, what doesn’t work so well, especially when they have a longer day, breakfast followed by a ceremony and lunch, a huge room turnaround and into the reception.  It can often be quite daunting and is bought to life how quickly the day will go with all that has to be tailored in, the ceremony, family photos, bride & groom photos, cake cutting, dancing, 4 course meal, to name just a few.

At some point I give a brief history on the company is given, they always like to know where we have come from, it’s important for them to know some of the original founders are still part of the business today, the same turka that was made many years ago is still the same recipe we use now.  The classic dishes will always remain, as well as the team being innovative and coming up with new ideas.  The kitchens are always open to trying something new, on occasion they will look at us like we are crazy, but they are always willing to give anything ago and we always pull through!

We finish with any questions, what happens next, the booking process and of course with dessert and coffee.  There’s always space for dessert right?!

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A take away has been put together for any of the leftovers and they are having a debate about whose driving home!

The proof is in the pudding as they say.


Blog written by Sales Manager, Dina Morar

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