A touch of personalisation… My 5 Top Tips!

Article May 17th, 2018 Mahirs Experience

Planning your big day can be challenging and at the end of the day everything needs to be perfect, right?. Not only this but it needs to be personalised to your needs. So, if you have your venue, caterers (#MahirsExperience obviously), décor & DJ, then you are almost there to personalisation as all these are aspects that you would want. Although these aspects add to personalising your wedding, I have witnessed that the smaller details make just as big of an impact on your special day. I am going to walk you through my 5 top tips to add a touch of personalisation to your event.

Tip number 1- “Save the Date Cards”!

Working in the sales team and speaking with many Bride & Grooms, when asking the question “How many guests are you expecting?” it’s always difficult to answer. In the initial stages of planning, the couples mostly work on estimations, so my first top tip is that once the date has been set; send your guests ‘Save the Date’ Cards. The great thing about #SavetheDateCards is that they are an indirect way of getting your guests to RSVP. When your potential guest receives their ‘Save the Date’ card, firstly brace yourselves & your family members for all “Congratulations” messages. Secondly your guests will give you a heads up whether it’s a yay or nay on attending (shhhh….that’s the whole purpose). This way you are not asking for the RSVP, your guests are indirectly doing this for you. #SavetheDate Cards are really easy to make & will not eat into your budget especially when you are just using programs such as Microsoft Publisher or Apple Photoshop.

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Tip number 2 – Wedding Favours

Okay, I bet right this minute you are all thinking most Bride & Grooms have this part entirely covered. From my experience when conducting final meetings, the couple answer to my question “Are you doing favours?” is usually “possibly chocolate or sweet boxes as it is the quickest and relatively most cost effective”. My second top tip for you lovely people is try and make the favours personal from you to your guests, add a hint of “you” into it. My honest advise to here is don’t see favours as a chore or a job to tick off the to do list, have fun with them, look into personalising them so your guests have a keep sake. #weddingfavours #memories

Take a look at some of our past Brides & Grooms wedding favours, we had Bal & Gurch’s hangover kits.

Image 2

Pav & Vic’s lottery tickets (p.s. Brides & Grooms, if you decide to do lottery tickets, just make sure you find out if anyone wins, I suppose you could ask for a share).

Image 3

Alternatively, if you want to keep it simple, take a look at Manpreet & Kiranprit’s favours where they opted for personalised candles & jam jars. Sticking to their theme right form their wedding cards to favours; you cannot go wrong with following your theme right down to the favours.

Image 4Image 5

Tip number 3 – Guest Book Table

From my experience, many couples usually stick to the traditional ‘sign in’ guestbooks with their flawless photoshoot pictures. Take a look at a couple of our Brides & Grooms who have opted for this

Image 6

Image 7

However, over the years trends change and undoubtedly so do Brides & Grooms views into various concepts.

My third tip is to think about having an alternative take to the guest book; take look at Ahsen & Sumera’s mount board idea.

Image 8

The best part of opting for this is you can always hang this up on one of your walls at home, a lovely constant reminder of your Big Day! #memories #mountboard

Alternatively, let’s #throwback to October 2016 , Geetika & Kunal’s wedding who continued their theme of board games with Jenga blocks for their guests to write a personal messages on.

Image 9 Image 10

Now this concept is great for a guest book alternative, definitely quirky & original. #boardgames #jenga #jengaguestbook

Or how about a Wishing Tree, take a look at Indi & Roop’s wishing tree.

Image 11 Image 12

Now how’s that for a unique touch to your special day.

Talking about unique, something which I have recently seen is a jigsaw. Yes, you read it right!

Image 13

How cute would this be to sit and assemble the lovely messages your guests have written for you. #jigsaws #thisisacuteidea

Tip number 4 – Hospitality Wedding Basket

Okay so I can hear you all question “what is a hospitality wedding basket?”. My tip number four is a little wonderful idea of placing his & hers baskets in your venue bathrooms full of essentials your guests may require. Believe me, your guests will appreciate your extra little effort & definitely won’t be forgotten. Let me share with you the essentials our lovely couple Danny & Suman put together for their guests.

Image 14 Image 15

Tip number 5 – Table Name/Numbers

Although traditionally, table names & numbers are given in the instance of when you have a seating plan in place, I firmly believe this doesn’t need to be the case. Tip number five, why not have table names or numbers, which mark significance to you, even if you are not having a set seating plan. This will defiantly have the spark of personalisation. It can be numbers, marking significant dates i.e. first date, proposal date, the date you met the parents etc. Or alternatively you could opt for names of movies, tv series, brands, destinations and even the London tube stations! The list is exhaustive, take your pick.

Take a look at some the table plans our past Brides & Grooms have opted for.

Image 16Image 17Image 19Image 18Image 20


There you have it, my five top tips to going that extra mile and personalising your wedding that little extra which will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests.



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