The Mahirs Foundation

The Mahirs Foundation

As well as  providing a top class events service, Mahirs are keen to ensure that they have a positive impact on the community and environment.

“As a business grows, so does it’s impact on the world around us. 

We are very aware of this, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment

and use our resources to give something back to the community.

It is an integral part of Mahirs that we invest in our own employees

as well as helping those in need.”

Charitable Work

Every year we choose a different charity to support.  Funds are raised primarily through our food tasting sessions, we also have a ‘dress down day’ on the last day of every month and a sponsored challenge that everyone at Mahirs is involved in.

The Charities we choose are often of personal significance to the Mahirs team and our surrounding area.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2023

SIFA fireside

Together, we rebuild lives.

Each and every one of us could be confronted by poverty, depression or addiction and could soon find ourselves vulnerable and searching for long-standing, sustainable routes out of homelessness.

In Birmingham, many adults are experiencing homelessness or are vulnerably housed with the true figures often unknown due to the hidden homelessness that’s associated with sofa surfing, modern slavery and individuals not making themselves known.

SIFA Fireside supports clients in their recovery from the effects of homelessness. From essential services such as the Adult Support Hub, our Tenancy Support Services and the essential needs met through our Support Centre, our range of services exist not to ‘throw money at the issues’ but to stand by people while they rebuild their lives with safety and dignity.

Amount Raised: Providing freshly cooked curries each & every week for 52 weeks!

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2020

UK Friends of Unique Home for Girls

Amount Raised: Funding in Progress!

The Mahirs Foundation are proud to be supporting the UK Friends of Unique Home for Girls, our chosen charity partner for 2020. The charity supports the humanitarian work being carried at Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar, Punjab, India which was established by Bibi Parkarsah Kaur. The home is for unwanted or abandoned girls, providing them with a future in a loving environment.

The UK Friends of Unique Home Charity presently continues to support the original premises in Model House, Jalandhar, with most of the younger girls and babies having recently moved into their new premises in Nakodar Road, Jalandhar. The new premises provides better facilities and amenities for the staff and girls.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2019

Instead of choosing and adopting just one good cause, for 2019 the team at Mahirs decided to try and help a number charities, social enterprises & community clubs.

Value Donated in New Toys & Easter Eggs!: £250

The Mahirs Foundation was approached by the Sikh Toy Appeal, a charity which provides toys and gifts for vulnerable & less fortunate children on special days such as birthdays and Christmas. The Mahirs Foundation donated chocolate eggs at Easter and brand new toys just before Xmas to the total value of £250.00


Amount Raised: £250

As part our support for Birmingham City University’s Tiger Lab initiative, our former Charity of the Year (2015) was drawn out of the hat (out of three great causes) and awarded £250.00.


Amount Raised: £250

As part our loyal and committed support of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and its current serving president Mr Saqib Bhatti, a donation for the sum of £250.00 was made to the President’s chosen charity of the year – Prostate Cancer UK.


Amount Raised: £500.00

As part of our continued support of the Barford Tigers Hockey Club, The Mahirs Foundation made a donation for the sum of £500.00 towards the Barford Tigers Ladies Hockey team.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2018


WPH Counselling– Walsall Psychological Help

Amount Raised: £1258.74

Mahirs Experience are pleased to formally announce our adopted Charity of the Year for 2018, WPH Counselling.

WPH Counselling is a Walsall based registered charity which is a Nationally Accredited BACP Service (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) which offers a range of professional, free and confidential counselling.

Mahirs Experience are particularly focused on helping WPH Counselling with its Teenage Service which is delivered across the Borough of Walsall in various schools, other venues and its main Centre at The Haven, 55 Upper Forster Street. Walsall.

The teenage years are a time that has been described as the most confusing, challenging, frustrating and fascinating stage of human development. During this time of conflict and growth, changes, physically, sexually and emotionally occur.

This period can seem, to teenagers, a time when no-one understands them, leading to depression, anxiety, anger, desperation and loneliness which can ultimately put pressure on other relationships, particularly parents and schools. Peer pressure can often tempt teenagers into antisocial activity i.e. drugs, drink and often bullying can be a part of their everyday lives.

WPH Counselling offers a valued and needed service, provided by highly qualified, BACP Accredited Youth Counsellors. The service has been successfully operating over many years and generously funded by CCG, Children in Need and independent personal donations. However, at a time of National Austerity cut backs, counselling positions at WPH have been put in jeopardy.

The team at Mahirs Experience chose WPH Counselling as they wanted to play their part in helping raise the profile of the excellent work the organisation does and fund such a valuable service through donations of its food tasting revenue and other sponsorship related activities. We look forward to working with the team at WPH Counselling throughout 2018!

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2017

welcome change

Welcome Change

Amount Raised: £2162.50

Welcome Change is a Community Interest Company (CIC) owned by Welcome charity.  Their purpose is to help individuals who have overcome drug or alcohol dependency to rebuild their lives, while at the same time making a positive contribution to local communities.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2016


Autism West Midlands

Amount Raised: £2905.00

Autism West Midlands are the leading charity in the West Midlands for people with autism. They use their passion and expertise to enrich the lives of people with autism and those who love and care for them.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2015


Breaking The Silence

Amount Raised: £3059.00

A social enterprise raising awareness of issues around domestic abuse, forced marriages and human (sex) trafficking.

Supporting our adopted charity of the year for 2014


Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer

Amount Raised: £1645.38

Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer was established in 2000 by Veronica Kumeta and the late Sue Macmaster, after their friend Carol Knaggs was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Having raised money for Breast Cancer before the idea was to control where the money went, rather than giving it to national charities, so they contacted the Queen Elizabeth Birmingham and started working exclusively with them.