Vegetarian Starters & Canapés Menu

Dish: Ref: Description:
Chilli Cheese Bites ves11 Jalapeño & soft cheese nuggets encased in a golden batter.
Chilli Mogo ves12 Golden fried cassava chips dusted in a light blend of herbs & spices and garnished with lemon.
Chilli Battered Mushrooms ves13 Whole button mushrooms coated in a spicy gram flour batter and deep fried.
Stuffed Mushrooms ves14 Closed cup mushrooms stuffed with potato and herbs & spices.
Masala Chips ves15 Masala seasoned deep fried potato wedges.
Potato Fritters ves16 Potato slices coated in a lightly seasoned gram flour batter.
Mixed Vegetable Pakora ves17 Traditional Punjabi recipe of potato, spinach, onions and spices, mixed together & deep fried in a gram flour batter.
Paneer Pakora ves18 Indian cottage cheese stuffed with a tasty mint & coconut filling then lightly battered and deep fired until golden.
Gobi Pakora ves19 Fresh cauliflower florets coated in a lightly seasoned crisp golden batter.
Daal Kachori ves20 Deep fried pastry  filled with a spicy dry lentil mixture.


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