What Is The Mahirs Office Really Like?

Article June 5th, 2019 Mahirs Experience

Work experience, do you all remember what is was like? Some of us at Mahirs recall it getting all the jobs nobody wanted to do at an office somewhere.
That’s not how we do it at Mahirs. We want the young person to actually be part of the day to day running! Kiran who was with us in May, got exactly that and she loved every minute.

Here’s a little something that she shared with us at the end…

‘The day before I started my work experience at Mahirs Experience, I asked myself ‘What is the Mahirs office really like?’ After pondering upon this question for a short while I envisaged the office being a highly stressful environment, especially in the wedding season that is upon us, where everyone was constantly tapping away on their computers engrossed in the tasks at hand. I imagined the office being deadly silent with everyone intently focused on their computers and minimal light-hearted conversation being had.

After being given a tour of the whole office and the kitchens I realised that the Mahirs office had a family feel to it.

Throughout the week it became apparent that the Mahirs office mirrored the mechanics of a family home.

Finding out how many people I knew that the Mahirs team also knew put into perspective how the Mahirs team are not just known as caterers and events managers but deemed as friends to people across the region.

Overall my Mahirs experience (excuse the pun) had been an invaluable opportunity where I got an insight into what the industry was truly like. The industry, despite being so fast paced, seems like a truly rewarding industry where the client’s happiness is at the forefront of any event. It was intriguing to see how an initial enquiry progresses into a glamorous event in which many wonderful memories are created. This little ‘taster’ of what the industry is like has opened my eyes to considering a career in events management and allowed me to see behind-the-scenes of how an astounding company like Mahirs Experience works.’

Written By
Kiran Sidhu