Wedding Décor… The cherry on top!

Article November 10th, 2017 Mahirs Experience


From the most elegant simplistic events to the most lavish extravagant ones, it is often questioned, “Is décor really that much of a necessity for my big day?” I can personally tell you that it is! As a member of the Events Design team at Mahirs Experience, I have been able to witness the importance of event design over the years. Wedding event design and theming is currently at the most elaborate stage it has ever been.

Working in event design and theming entails a lot of foresight and creativity. It includes trusting your gut/imagination and not being able to see the finished product until the big day! This means engaging your clients and enabling them to trust you and your vision, as after all, you are only just designing the biggest and most memorable day of their whole entire life…no pressure. While working at Mahirs, I have been able to grow and excel my thoughts and imagination when it comes to event design. No matter how big or small the ideas or input, it will always affect the overall vision of the event itself. As one of the youngest members of the Mahirs team, I have not let this hinder me or my ability, but in fact I have used this to my full potential when thinking of the latest trends, themes and crazes.

Dusty Pink or Blush Pink?

The level of thorough detail we work to with our clientele is very important. From the correct colour shade, type of material and the exact flower type. It’s all in the detail. It’s this level of attention that is needed in order to get everything down to a tee. This thoroughness and accuracy is what creates that initial ‘WOW’ factor on guest arrival. This is when months of preparation will come into play and sketch drawings, floor plans and designs will now become a reality. Suppliers will work hand in hand in order to make sure everything is picture perfect, and this can only lead to one thing…making sure everything is Snapchat and Instagram worthy obviously! #WeddingGoals



The Final Count Down!

As the clock eagerly ticks away during set up time, it’s our job to ensure each place setting is correct, each centrepiece looks presentable and all final touches are complete within the time frame given. All skills will be put to the test during this period. Organisational skills, problem solving and the ability to deal with the unexpected, negotiation skills and excellent attention to detail are just a few of the things that will be needed at every event you manage. A key skill that every person within the wedding industry will need is being able to work under pressure and boy am I still in the process of mastering this! It’s this thrill and the sense of the ‘unknown’ that drives Mahirs to the next level during the busy period, but it’s all worth seeing that end result which is client satisfaction.

Once the lights have been dimmed, guests have taken their seats and the Bride & Groom are ready to make their grand entrance, it’s this that’ll set the tone for the rest of the reception. It’s this that’ll create an emotional impact during the event and that truly is a work of art.


Blog written by Sales Administrator, Heidi Sahota