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Article March 11th, 2019 Mahirs Experience

Wedding planning can be a stressful period when it comes down to the nitty gritty bits, and sometimes it can leave you feeling a little burnt out! However, I have been doing some digging on your behalf to make the planning process just a tad easier for you. I have been in talks with some of my favourite suppliers within the industry to help gain tips and tricks when getting down to business. After working alongside these suppliers, knowing them personally or even using them for my own events, I have been able to see the amount of hard work and endless amount of passion they all bring into the industry. DJ’s, Photography, Entertainment & Cakes, there’s a tip for them all!

Wedding Photography & Videography – Jas Virdee (Ten80 Media)
In my opinion, photography and videography is something I definitely wouldn’t want to compromise cost on. You want to look back on one of the biggest days of your life and see the story of the day unfold in front you all over again! So, who better to get tips off than Mr Jas Virdee!

How long have you been in the industry and what made you join the wedding scene? 
“As a freelancer, I have been in the wedding industry for over 20 years, as Ten80 media we have been trading for over 10 years. No doubt, I have seen many changes evolve over the years and fortunately I have been a part of this and a result been able offer my expert skills and knowledge.”

What would be your go-to pre shoot location and why?
“In my opinion, the pre-shoot is very personal, our clients usually have that special place in mind and we work with them to create and capture their special moments together. Location wise I think somewhere with character and scenery is definitely a must, as this will show the personalities and spark between our couples…”

If you could give future Bride & Grooms one tip, what would it be?
“Choose wisely! It is very important that you are able to communicate with your chosen supplier. Work with them and give them the time they need to capture those moments in a snap shot for you and your family to reminisce in the future… after all, you are all on the same team! By far this is one of the biggest days of your life, don’t forget to ENJOY IT!!”

DJ – Sunny Jagpal
A DJ can make or break a party, having someone that can maintain a certain level of energy throughout an event, as well as blasting everyone’s favourite songs is a wedding MUST! Having seen Sunny at previous events, I knew he was a definite when booking a DJ for my own family functions!

How long have you been in the industry and what made you join the wedding scene?
“I have been a part of the wedding industry since a very young age as my family have been in the industry for over 40 years.

Due to my families presence in the wedding/media/music sector (Apna Video, B21 etc) this automatically made me a part of the wedding industry as I would regularly be traveling the UK either as a roadie while my family and their associates DJ-ed or a photographer/videographer at events.”

Choosing a first dance song sounds one like on the easiest decisions to make while wedding planning. However, once couples realise how many great options are out there, making a decision can start to get tricky! What first dance song would you recommend to future couples and why?
“I would personally recommend choosing to have two first dance songs as the new generations have

adapted to western culture. This captivates both the new and old generations by having one song sung in English and another in Punjabi/Hindi etc.”

If you could give future Bride & Grooms one tip, what would it be?
“One tip I would give to future brides and grooms in my sector would be to trust your DJ with their music. A DJ who is good will entertain the crowd and have presence and dynamism in their way of music/entertainment. A DJ playing off a playlist is just as bad as a jukebox on shuffle.”

Wedding Cake – Maz & Dali (Kiss Me Cupcakes)
Let’s talk cake! I first was introduced to Kiss Me Cupcakes last year when planning my own 21st birthday party. After being highly recommended, I knew they were the right decision to make, and boy was I not disappointed! So I knew asking for their top tips would just be the icing on the cake!

What cake trends have you seen over the years and what has been your favourite and why?
“We are super excited about 2019… did you know according to the Chinese calendar it is the year of the Pig?… Before you stop reading bear with me. The year of the Pig, according to Chinese astrology invokes the energy of joy, love and success! An amazing year to tie the knot! So what cake styles are fashionable for 2019? Are you thinking perhaps a Peppa Pig inspired cake for extra luck, or a three little piggy cake? Well, if that’s your thing, then fab we’d love to create something unique and bespoke!

However, if you are after perhaps a more traditional/ contemporary cake we have some suggestions that are hot off the press!

Florals – Florals will never go out of fashion- (I’m reading this through my crystal ball!:-) Florals induce the feeling of romance, femininity, joy and love. And are a perfect complement to your fabulous wedding. Florals are now being used in the most fabulous of ways perched suspended and rotating around cakes, as cake stands and as floral trails around the cake.

Contemporary Cakes – This is where the artist really comes into their own. There are some amazing designs produced by some fantastic cake artists. Using bold and intense colours, producing dramatic and atmospheric cakes. Totally unique and so you! Height – Once upon a time each tier of a cake was made the same height, well thank goodness we’re in 2019 …. We can look back (like we do at the nineties) and say “Oh My God- what was I thinking!”

Naked Cakes – Now these have been in for quite a few years and still going strong. A perfect complement to an outdoor/forest/barn type wedding

Darling, it’s all about using mixed heights on a cake, it naturally elongates a cake, giving it a stately and extended look, (image a ballerina, dancing so gracefully and how she captures our attention)….now imagine that’s your cake.

Naked Cakes – Now these have been in for quite a few years and still going strong. A perfect complement to an outdoor/forest/barn type wedding”

If you could give future Bride & Grooms one tip, what would it be?
“Don’t be afraid, you can’t ever get it wrong. Send your images to your cake designer and they will understand the style you’re leaning towards, even if you don’t. Glam it up with fresh fruits, flowers or a mix of both.

Book an appointment with your cake designer to explore cake heights, diameters, taste and design.

Enjoy the process and have fun……2019 has your back!”

Wedding Entertainment – Dal Mahal (Beats By Lions)
Entertainment is something that I’ve always looked forward to seeing when working, or even attending weddings. As I am also in the entertainment industry, I know the amount of hard work that goes into each performance. I have done plenty of shows alongside Dal and have first-hand seen how Beats By Lions have innovated in just a short amount of time, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to interrogate other than the man himself!

How long have you been in the industry and how did you join the wedding scene?
“I personally joined the Asian Wedding scene around 9 years ago as a drummer in a DJ roadshow known as the Elite DJs. I then moved on to join forces with the newly reborn bhangra group; The Lions of Punjab, who created the Beats by Lions dhol team back in 2015.

The Beats by Lions are a group of dhol players based in the Midlands, who perform at events in the UK and abroad. We provide a more specialised dhol service in the sense that we perform our own unique stage show, with music produced by DJ Frenzy & choreography orchestrated and implemented by our own team members. This seems to have gone down a hit in recent times due to the uniqueness of our synchronised routines, which can see up to 15 drummers playing completely in unison at any one time.”

Many Bride & Groom’s struggle to think of what walk-in song to use for their grand entrances, what song would you recommend to your clients and why?
“We always try and encourage our Bride and Grooms to go for something unique and bespoke for their entrance. We have our own in house service that creates custom entrance songs for our couples, which has proven to be very popular as everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be different.

If I was to think of an actual song, the first on my list of suggestions is always J Balvin – Mi Gente, the Cedric Gervais remix. Every entrance song needs a build-up and a drop; where the Host can build the energy in the room before the drop where the Bride and Groom can enter and the energy levels are through the roof. This song has the perfect build up and the perfect drop and when accompanied by the Dhol, it has probably been the best entrance track we have worked with this year. Although, DJ Snake – Taki Taki has come in a close second in recent weeks.”

What has been your biggest highlight throughout your time in the industry so far?
“There has been many highlights throughout my career; from things like performing at Hammersmith Apollo on a number of occasions in front of audience’s capacities of 4,000 and above, to being selected to be the official entertainment partner of the India Cricket Team by the chief entertainment sourcing company of the ICC. But the one highlight has to be the time we were booked to fly out to New York for a wedding performance. Although the actual trip was amazing, it’s more down to the fact that this family had never been to the UK or seen us perform, yet they saw our videos on social media and were that impressed that they decided to fly us over for their special occasion. It was more of an accolade as to how far we have come as a group and all that we have achieved in such a short space of time.”

And that’s all our top tips for 2019, We’ll probably be back to share some more secrets with you!


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