Porsche. Ruby. A Kitchen. Gin.

Article April 12th, 2019 Mahirs Experience

Its 12:51 a.m. and I’m buzzing on how tonight went (last night now).

I first heard Mukesh talking to Ami (The Events & Marketing Executive for Porsche) only 3 weeks ago, a few days later the booking was confirmed.  Shortly after, I realised the event was actually at Porsche and thought ‘Ooo, this should be fun’.  It then came about that Ruby Bhogal, the Great British Bake off Sensation was going to be doing a live demo.

For any of you who know me, will know that I’m a keen baker and have been for a long time, hopefully a lot of you will have tried some of my delights, I know a few clients who certainly have.  Knowing Ruby was going to be there and that I’d have the opportunity to meet her meant I NEEDED to be involved in this event.

This was an invitation only exclusive event for Porsche’s clientele, as a thank you and also an opportunity for them to see what’s new at the garage.

Mukesh pops on holiday and sets up a meeting for Harvir (the Managing Director) and I to discuss the logistics of the event with Ami.  Upon arriving at the Porsche garage in Wolverhampton, we’re both oooing and aahing and deciding which car we will have!!  We are greeted in and taken up to meet Ami, someone who knew what she was looking for in her event taking place the following week.

An elegant and sophisticated night for their customers, as well as a perfected run up to the event.  With Mahirs, she was definitely going to get this.  We ran through the day and tried to alleviate as much hassle from Ami as possible.  This also meant us providing and prepping all the ingredients for Ruby, which of course we were more than happy to do.

The Porsche garage itself is well set out, the options are endless.  Whether you are after a sporty 911 or Cayenne as family car, this is the place to go!  In the workshop I see a classic 911, I don’t know much about cars, but if I was to have one, that would be the one! Red, vintage, it’s me all over!!

Fast forwarding to the night itself, the Event design team set up all the coffee tables, ghost chairs and bar stools in front of the most beautiful (part) kitchen I have crossed paths with.  Poggen Pohl, what can I say?!  The oh so fancy sleek, contemprary set up you had in place, aye aye aye!

The Mahirs kitchen team were set up, and Ruby has just arrived.  It was a hug hello, and I found that she was truly one of the most humble celebrities I have met in a long while.  Somehow, I became the assistant for the evening, which of course I was delighted to be!  We were prepping before anyone had arrived.  I was asked to crack four yolks into a bowl and then 8 egg whites into another.  I’ve not felt so under pressure when it came to cracking eggs!!!  But somehow, I got through it.

Ruby has gone off to get ready and the guests start to slowly flow in.  Welcomed in with bubbles, everyone has a look around the showroom and then get seated.  At this stage I am ensuring the drinks are flowing and that everyone is having a goodtime. Just before Ruby comes on, I get butterflies, even if I had just spent the last 2 hours with her.

Poggen Pohl do a quick hello, hi and welcome and introduce Ruby on.  Baking a chicken and leak pie along with a gingernut, lemon curd meringue.  Lets hope there’s enough to go around!!  Ruby is mega comfortable doing what she does, getting the audience involved and answering questions as she goes along.  It was great to hear her journey and even better to know she really has found her forte.  We do a whole, ‘here is one we made earlier’, along with ensuring she has everything she needs, before we know it, the hour is done.  Everyone applauds and thanks Ruby for coming in, the guests have the opportunity to meet and greet through the rest of the evening, of course there is a line up of people wanting a photo with her.

So, what’s next? A cocktail, oh go on then.  We’re all partial to a cocktail right?  In that case, lets see what Crazy Gin have to offer!  A quick demo of a mango gin cocktail along with a coffee one, followed by an introduction with how they came about making Gin and more importantly why they called it Crazy.  Again, another journey which is so crucial to who they are.  Time to choose, mango or coffee, come one, we all know it’s going to be coffee!

The gin cocktail shots are now circling the room, the guest are eager to try the bakes, and cant wait to tuck into the delicious canapés the Mahirs team are putting on.

The menu put together by Mukesh was on point for this event and went down a storm.  So many compliments on the event as a whole, as well as on the food and service.

From the mouthwatering Lasooni Prawns to Lamb Sliders, there isn’t a better way to end such an evening.

The service, ‘Impeccable’.  The food, ‘Sensational’.  The Event ‘Seamless’.

A great big thank you to Ami (Porsche), Ruby Bhogal, Poggen Pohl and Crazy Gin!

 Let’s do this again.  Soon!

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Dina Morar
Exceptional Experience Creator