Happy Mothers Day

Article March 9th, 2018 Mahirs Experience



So feeling inspired by the beautiful early morning sunshine after the not so romantic encounter of ‘Emma’ and the ‘Beast from the East’ I set about writing my next blog, and tribute to Mothers.
My deep house music on (Eton Messy Mixes if anyone is interested) with low volume, as my Mum complains about the bass. I’ve got into the ‘zone’, and set about writing. Ironically as I begin, Mum walks in with a fish finger sandwich and my customary morning ritual of a glass of orange squash. ‘’thanks Mum!!’’ as I look up at her, in awe.
In quiet contemplation of my sandwich, I am overwhelmed by her selfless actions, but this is just one of the innate traits a mother has. A real life super heroine, a woman with divine powers, not even wonder woman could contest her. She’s my mum, mommy, mummy, mother, or whatever your chosen version to call this iconic woman, she possesses a love that is unrelenting, a love that just keeps on giving, a love that carried me and you, for not just the 9 months, but the life we continue to live now, that love will never end.
Mum is the most beautiful person in this world, she creates life and nurtures it, instilling in us her virtue and wisdom, she does the very best she can so we have the life skills, strength, and resilience to deal with the big wide world.
But life always throws at us, what we did not or do not expect, whether in love, life or work. In the comfort of mums presence, we unfold that what burdens us most, as we know she will have the answers wont she? She will carry me through the tunnel, that tunnel through which I see no light, yet undeterred and fearless, mum walks with me and I realise that she is that light, and that whatever my problems, the solution lies within all that my mother is and the legacy of her life to date. If she can bring me and my siblings up, through a life full of adversity, hardship, and unknowns, a life I will never experience as she made sure I would never have to. Then what really do I have to fear? I should too take a lesson in her courage and venture forward and be strong.


There are no words really that can express just what you mean to me Mother, you are the sanctity in the times I question sanity, you are the peace and calm in the ‘rat race’ we call life. You have this aura of just amazingness, which even after all these years I still find hard to comprehend. You keep raising the bar Mum, you keep going, you keep loving, you may break inside but you are the strongest person I know, yet with the softest touch. People may look to the heavens for angels, and heaven granted, may not be on earth, but angels do exist and I call her mum. I can’t repay you enough in this life or any other for that matter, not that a mother would even expect it, and that’s exactly it, you are simply an amazing soul, whom if I can emulate even a percentage of, I know I will be doing something right.


So it’s a massive ‘thank you’ to you Mum, and for all the mums across the globe, past, present and future. For being the greatest inspiration in my life, for teaching me respect and consideration, for bringing me up to have charisma and character and to share love with all those around me. Thank you for covering for me when I was in trouble with Dad, thank you for keeping me warm in the cold (usually after a night out and asleep on the floor) Thank you for still kicking my ass when it comes to cooking food, I just don’t know how you do it.
Everything I am and aspire to be is because you helped me, and when I look at you, I see the purest love I will ever know. May the one above always look over you my dear Mummy x
P.S Thanks for the Fish Finger Sandwich x



Blog Written By Steven Chall – Senior Sales Executive