Happy Fathers Day, Dad….

Article June 17th, 2018 Mahirs Experience

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I have always been fascinated by the rising and setting of the sun, the kaleidoscope of colours and emotion that the start and end of a day evokes. So it only made sense to write this sat in the bay window, basking in the beauty of the early morning sunrise…

So it’s Father’s day… a day which is deeply poignant, a day I no longer come down in the morning and hand you a card with my ‘doctoresque’ italic handwriting which you can’t even read, and a shirt and tie, you accept, but secretly thinking ‘really???’ I now wakeup and stare up into that rising sun, and contemplate all that I never got to say and do, and just how deeply I miss you.

Of course there is void which will never be filled, a loss never to be recovered… but there is a life, legacy, wisdom and generations yet to come, which are to be celebrated, all of which you lived, made and left behind.

I want to celebrate and rejoice in your achievements Dad, a teen who came to a foreign country, married our amazing Mum, worked every hour he could, bought a house, fed and clothed us five boys (yep five boys), gave us every equipment we needed for our education. I think it’s pretty heroic really, through the hard times and the good, you pulled through and us with you.

A real life gentleman, a man with few words but had that ‘silent presence’. You taught us to take pride, be honourable and to respect others. You let us be break away from the stereotypical Indian parents career expectations of being a doctor or accountant, and you let us explore our creative aspirations.

Both you and Mum shared much wisdom (Mum still does) and I know one thing which was so important to you, which was our happiness, such selfless years you gave to us so that we could achieve our dreams and aspirations. We never had wealth, but the love you gave us, money could and never could be purchased, the long walks we went on, playing football in the park where you just booted the ball and I just ran after it (hehe when I could run!) letting us paint in the letters on the tyres of your beloved Ford Cortina so it looked like a dragster, those trips to the safari park where we were blighted by so many flaming wasps!

Such a talented man, you could literally make and do anything, you loved DIY, and every time I take the bench out which you made for mum, I reflect on just how gifted you really were.

So first and foremost, this is a tribute to you in heaven Dad, thank you for all that you did for us and one day I will truly make you proud. I now have this drive to make sure that we value all that we have in our present as we never know what the future may hold. We need to seize the opportunity, and letting those around you, whom you love and care for know it too. You made a difference in my life and in turn I believe it’s my duty to do the same and make a positive difference in the life of others, no matter how small it may be. It’s a tribute too, to all the Fathers making a positive impact in their children’s lives and to those who are Fathers in the eyes of those who never knew one or had one worthy of the title. Finally a tribute to the Grand Fathers, Forefathers, and Fathers, you are the past present and future.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Love you always and forever, Your Son… Steven